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  • The Master class is in Video format and therefore it's 10 times easier and faster to assimilate and more fun.
  • With the master class, it'll take you ONLY a few days to master the basics and a few weeks to get to genius-level mastery.
  • Becoming a master at any programming language requires repetition and practice. (And nothing can make this process as simple as a video course) 
  • With a book, you’re learning in only one modality (visual), but with a video you’re learning in 3 modalities (visual, auditory, and emotional). More fun!
  • This puts all my most powerful and revolutionary explanatory styles like Analogies for Dummies, Logic Made Simple, and Easy Code Diagrams on total steroids… and makes your learning and C++ brain-dead easy and super-fast
If you enroll today, I’ll throw in the following bonus for FREE so you can take your learning and mastery of C++ to a whole new level.
Demo Video: 
Automated Remoted Irrigation Android App
(Bluetooth communication to Arduino microcontroller)
$100 BONUS (Yours FREE!):

Do you aspire to create Mobile Apps for fun or for business?

You'll love this amazing bonus. I'll introduce you to the world of mobile apps.

I and my team in College developed a mobile App that does automated water irrigation for gardens. Would you like to see the code? I guess you do :)

I'll walk you through the Java Code (Similar to C++) For This Amazing Android App

This App allows anyone to control the Automated irrigation system installed in their garden.

I'll introduce you to your first practical example of how to program mobile apps.
App Project Team: 
From Left to right: Sahil Bora, Clinton Khew, Mark Jangprasit, Filip Stepanuleski, Michael Tran and Kevin Clough
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3 monthly payments of
Just $57 today, then $57/month for next 2 months
    1 Full payment of
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      Frequently Asked Questions
      Q:"How will this video course help me?"

      A: It depends on who you are....

      If you're a just starting out, then it will provide you the road-map to learn C++ with Analogies for Dummies, Logic Made Simple, and Easy Code Diagrams on total steroids… and makes your learning of C++ brain-dead easy and super-fast. 

      Learning programming especially when you're new can be very daunting and dry. This course will help you connect the dots without all the headaches, frustration and sleepless nights frantically searching up for plain English tutorials online that I experienced when I first started out. 

      If you'already has some experience in programming then you'll discover many "ahas" as you go through the course. You'll be able to understand the advance C++ concepts like Pointers, Classes and Inheritance with ease. 

      But most importantly, you'll see things from a different perspective. And with the many tested and proven strategies I've included here, you'll be able to accelerate your learning of C++ like never before.
      Q: "How will learning C++ help me in my career?"

      A: The C++ programming language is one of the core languages used in multiple industries including video game development, embedded computer systems, operating systems and desktop applications.  

      If you can learn C++ and master it, you'll be able to pick up other programming languages including Java, Objective C and C# easily.  
      Q: "How long does it take to finish the course and start applying the knowledge?"

      A: This class is 3 hours of video training, so if you are studying or working full-time you could technically complete the class in one day (although this is not recommended). To fully understand and apply the materials, you should allow 3 - 6 days if you are working full-time, and 7 - 14 days if you taking the class part-time. 
      Q: "How is this course different to other online resources which are free?"

      A: Platforms like Udemy and YouTube are packed with FREE courses promising you C++ mastery after a few short lessons. I've checked them out and the truth is that you'll get what you pay for. There will be no support, no access to source code and you won't know what your next steps are.

      Trust me, Free is not your friend. A well put together paid course can dramatically shorten your learning curve. 
      Q: "What is included in this course?"

      A: 16 in depth video lectures that explain the core concepts of the C++ programming language. All the source code from the lectures will be made available for you to be able to download and run yourself. 

      Also the free bonus includes the "Automated Remote Irrigation Android App" that I recently worked on for a major college engineering project that goes into depth on how it was implemented along with all the source code. 

      Payment Options
      3 monthly payments of
      Just $57 today, then $57/month for next 2 months
        1 Full payment of
        Just 1 Full Payment of $147 today.


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